....I got more organized, I hadn’t taken time to get organized, time management tip 1 - schedule time to work on your schedule.  I do so much better when Sunday evening includes a review of my week.  A mental structure and focus.  I had forgotten to schedule in some of my tasks.  For example the board report, due the 2nd Monday of the month requires stats on the previous month.  I used to schedule my stats day right around the first.  I failed to do that, and was scrambling yesterday to get my stats done.  Solution - manage your time like a budget, account for all income and expense.  Time you need for everything, we only have so many hours/income, and can only spend that amount.  I made a list of all the items I need to schedule time for each month.  Only 12 major items to schedule around.

My time management tip #2 – structure to your strengths.  This is from a favorite blogger, Penelope Trunk she provides a list of 10 tips, I’m using a combo of 1 & 6.  The changes I am implementing, to structure to my strengths, include structuring my email time.  My ADD, causes me to say yes to everything.  I say yes, then look at my calendar.  If I answer emails, which are usually requests, in a structured, sit down, have my calendar time, I can more easily see what I can say yes and no to.  On the fly, I say yes.  I have superwoman complex, I think I can, and I want to be all things to all people.

Another structure to strengths example involves meeting my own needs.  I have a need to feel productive.  Spinning my wheels is extremely frustrating to me.  I am getting up, and getting on the computer first thing.  Enjoying my cup of coffee, getting something, anything done, before getting dressed and heading into the office.  I am SURE this sense of achievement and productivity will help me. 

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