Source: (2002) In Peace Office Newsletter 32 (January-March), The African Peacebuilding Institute: 7-8. Akron, PA: Mennonite Central Committee.

DeEtte Beghtol is a volunteer with the Mennonite Central Committee and the coordinator of the Peace Building and Conflict Transformation program of Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation in Kitwe, Zambia. In this article, and with a focus on African solutions for Africa problems, she outlines a rationale for and the history of the African Peacebuilding Institute. Sending Africans to the United States for peace training was too expensive and inefficient. A better idea was to offer quality peace studies in Africa. Hence, a Peace Building and Conflict Transformation began at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation in the late 1990s, and in 2001 the African Peacebuilding Institute grew out of that program. Practical examples from various participants illustrate the work and value of the Institute.

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