Source: (2004) West African Network for Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation Program at Eastern Mennonite University. Downloaded 9 Jan 2006.

The manual is not the same as other peacebuilding manuals. It covers traditional peacebuilding topics with a specific focus throughout on how being female impacts peacebuilding. The manual was designed for women who want to help themselves or other women become more involved in peacebuilding. The exercises and content are written both for beginners and community-level women as well as more advanced peacebuilding trainers. The information presented in this manual is designed to fulfill three functions. It can be used as; 1. a guide for trainers conducting Women in Peacebuilding workshops, 2. a participants’ handbook for women attending Women in Peacebuilding Workshops, and 3. a reference book for those interested in learning about the issues surrounding women in peacebuilding. (Excerpt)

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