Source: (2008) In Katherine Van Wormer, Restorative Justice Across the East and the West. Manchester, UK: Casa Verde Publishing. Pp. 123-144.

"This chapter examines the Timor Leste Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the context of restorative justice. Following a brief discussion of social work and restorative justice in relation to violence, Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRCs) will be introduced as an intervention for social welfare. The historical background of Timore Leste will be presented, with an overview of the Timor Leste Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CAVR). Special emphasis is placed upon the Community Reconciliation Process (CRP) as the key restorative justice feature of the Timore Leste Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Critiques of the CAVR and the CRP will be presented with a discussion on evaluating the restorative justice and reconciliation efforts in Timor Leste in light of recent developments." (Abstract)