Source: (2003) Crime Victims Report 7 (November/December): 65, 72-73.

Russ Immarigeon begins this article noting that some promote restorative justice as a “balanced approachâ€? while others dispute this characterization. Those who dispute the “balanced approachâ€? characterization criticize restorative justice as being offender-oriented at the expense of victims. With this criticism in mind, Immarigeon, based at least in part on newspaper accounts in New Zealand, expresses concern about the direction of restorative justice. His concern is that restorative justice is steadily tilting toward becoming a program simply for victims instead of being an approach for empowering victims and offenders to address the conflict between them and heal the harms. To document his concern, Immarigeon assesses the history of restorative justice in New Zealand and cites various newspaper articles to assess the current state of restorative justice in New Zealand.