Source: (1994) National Assoc for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders, United Kingdom.

The first paper lauds the Criminal Justice Act for its emphasis on sentencing that will reduce the use of imprisonment and improve the conditions under which youth live in the community, so there will be a socioeconomic structure for their lives that will encourage positive, law-abiding behavior. Another paper examines what has been achieved by the National Standards developed for probation to help implement provisions of the Criminal Justice Act; it explains how and why the standards were prepared as well as the achievements in improved cooperation between various criminal justice services. A third paper considers how some of the National Standards are working in practice, based on a survey of six probation officers and six supervisors; the survey focused on pre-sentence reports and probation orders. A fourth paper addresses cooperation between the probation service and the voluntary sector; it presents a model for joint work in the 21st Century. Other papers examine partnership in dealing with offenders in the community, partnership with the independent sector, reducing the use of custody for 17- to 20-year-old offenders, and the role of community- based corrections for young offenders.