Source: (2001) . Keynote address delivered at the Restorative Justice 2001: Justice, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Peace conference, held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 23-26 September. Ottawa, Canada: Church Council on Justice and Corrections.

In September 2001 Rick Prashaw delivered this keynote address at the Restorative Justice 2001 conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The conference was designed for people from across Canada and the world who are concerned about justice in civil, criminal, and community-based settings. In his speech Prashaw argues against the categorization and stigmatization that occur when people identify young offenders as “themâ€? – as creatures distinct and different from “ourâ€? families and “ourâ€? communities. He urges that people and the juvenile justice system treat youth in trouble with dignity and care as one of their own, in the interests of young people and their families and communities.

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