Source: (1999) Chapter 23. London: Queen's Printer of Acts of Parliament. Downloaded 15 September 2005.

4. Part I of the Act provides further reform to the youth justice system in England and Wales.; 5. The White Paper No More Excuses (CM 3809 November 1997) included a range of proposals to improve the effectiveness of the youth court in preventing offending by children and young people. This is now the principal aim of the youth justice system.; 6. The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 gave effect to a number of the White Paper proposals, including new sentences for young offenders and a final warning scheme to replace juvenile cautions. 7. The Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act gives effect to further reforms to theyouth court proposed in the White Paper. It creates a new sentence of referral to a youth offender panel. Referral will be available for young people convicted for the first time and its primary aim is to prevent re-offending.; 8. The youth offender panel will work with the young offender to establish a programme of behaviour for the young offender to follow. The programme will be guided by the following three principles ('restorative justice'): 1)Making restoration to the victim; 2) Achieving reintegration into the law-abiding community; 3) Taking responsibility for the consequences of offending behaviour. (excerpt)

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