Source: (2003) Home Office Online Report 34/03. London: Research Development and Statistics Directorate, Home Office. Downloaded 11 September 2003.

The 1998 Crime and Disorder Act puts restorative justice principles at the heart of the youth justice system in England and Wales. First time young offenders who plead guilty or are convicted in court can be dealt with by way of a referral order. The referral order involves members of the community in working with offenders and victims to resolve the harm resulting from the offense. In such a case the offender meets with a youth offender panel consisting of a Youth Offending Team worker, at least two volunteers from the community, and sometimes the victim. This report summarizes findings from a December 2002 survey of all volunteers sitting on youth offender panels in England and Wales. The findings cover demographic information about the volunteers, as well as volunteer responses to questions about recruitment and turnover.