Kim Workman and Jackie Katounas (2005) 

Kim Workman and Jackie Katounas have changed the criminal justice landscape in their country, New Zealand. They are practitioners, program designers, community organizers, and effective advocates for restorative justice within the correctional system.

Kim and Jackie reflect the diversity of background that practitioners bring to restorative justice. Kim was formerly head of the Prison Service while Jackie is an ex-offender with 138 convictions. As a Maori, Kim was initially attracted to restorative justice because of how it resonated with his heritage. As an offender, Jackie’s understanding of crime was very self-centred until one day she realized that she was about to fence property stolen from a friend of hers. It caused her to suddenly and profoundly understand that her criminal activities harmed victims, and as a result she returned the property, asked forgiveness, and stopped committing crimes.

Kim’s creative mind, his understanding of government decision-making processes, his ability to persuade, and his administrative skills, coupled with Jackie’s streetwise effectiveness and remarkable ability to relate to the experiences of victims and offenders, make them a powerful team.

They demonstrate well many of the character traits needed to work effectively for restorative justice. They are principled, passionate and pragmatic. They focus on getting results. They are creative and optimistic. They persevere in the face of obstacles. They are personally committed to justice and reconciliation. They are animated by a deep sense of calling.

Kim and Jackie are staff members of Prison Fellowship New Zealand.