In the Ten Keys project the Centre produced a series of brochures for Prison Fellowship national affiliates to use in promoting reform measures in their countries. Each brochure offered ten specific recommendations for public officials to consider in addressing problems faced by prisoners, victims and their families.

Originally printed for distribution, they now are being made available online. These practical and effective steps, if implemented, can make a real life difference for people touched by crime.

Ten Keys to Improving Conditions in Overcrowded Prisons

Prison overcrowding contributes to serious problems such as reduced security and safety, increased disease among staff and inmates, increased levels of conflict and violence, failure of rehabilitation resulting in increased re-offending, and reduced staff morale. While building or expanding prison capacity may reduce overcrowding there are things that can be done to improve conditions in overcrowded prisons. English  Spanish  French  Russian

Ten Keys to Preparing Prisoners for Re-Entry

Nearly all prisoners are eventually released back into society. Whether they re-enter society successfully—as a contributing member—or unsuccessfully is a matter of public safety. Unfortunately, most ex-prisoners are unable to make a successful transition and they eventually return to prison. However, there are practical steps that could better prepare prisoners for re-entry. While these do not guarantee that they will succeed after release, this preparation will increase their chances.  English  Spanish  French  Russian

Ten Keys to Making Sentences More Restorative

Some people mistakenly believe that restorative justice is a specific program. It is in fact a theory of justice that calls all parties—victims, offenders, communities and the government—to recognize the importance of repairing the harm caused by crime. This means that judges can often incorporate restorative principles when considering sentences, even if restorative processes such as victim-offender mediation are not available.  English  Spanish  French  Russian