Welcome to the new, improved www.restorativejustice.org! We've kept the features that you have used over the past 20 years and have added some new ones.

still the same

  1. All the information we can find on restorative justice. We still aim to offer authoritative, credible, non-partisan information on restorative justice. 
  2. The RJ Library. We have collected over 12,000 (and counting) citations and abstracts for articles, books, technical documents, and other publications related to restorative justice. Many of these are linked to full-text copies of the entries.
  3. Audience-specific resources. Visitors range from practitioners to law makers to university students. For that reason, the various site sections address issues that are  of particular interest to them. We've grouped these into uses of restorative justice inside the criminal justice system and those (like schools) that are outside the system. From there they are organized into specific topics, such as criminal codes, law enforcement, prisons, schools, faith communities and peace commissions
  4. The RJOB Blog is a forum with timely information and commentary about restorative justice developments. RJOB entries include news items of interest as well as commentary by people engaged with all dimensions of restorative justice. It offers a wide range of perspectives and information so that the regular reader can be well-informed about restorative justice and the movement behind it. (By the way, RJOB stands for Restorative Justice Online Blog. but it also reminds us that it is "Our job" to make restorative justice happen!)
  5. The introductory tutorial on restorative justice. This covers everything from its definitions to obstacles to its implementation.

new and improved

  1. Information about us -- the Centre for Justice & Reconciliation at Prison Fellowship International. Now it will be easier to find out who we are and what we do
  2. Stories of people whose lives have been changed because of their involvement with restorative justice. We will be adding new stories regularly, and if you have some you would like to send us, please do (we'll give you credit!).
  3. Improved search features for the RJ Library. We've added Google Custom Search with its legendary robustness. You can also use filters to select articles based on a number of categories.

The Centre for Justice & Reconciliation has offered nonpartisan online information and resources on restorative justice since 1996 at www.restorativejustice.org. The site is widely used. It appears twice in the top three returns from Google searches on the subject and receives 450,000 visitors a year. According to Google Analytics, sixty percent of its users are under age 35.

We hope you find the new site to be even more useful than the old one! Let us know what you think.