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RJE Theory of Change

February 26, 2022

RJE is an initiative of Prison Fellowship International (PFI), a nonprofit organization that exists to transform the lives of prisoners, their families and victims through a global network of ministry partners. PFI’s vision is to break the cycle of crime and restore lives, worldwide, through Jesus’s love. By transforming the lives of two million prisoners so they desist from criminal lifestyles, PFI theorizes that a tipping point will occur that will lead to significantly reduced global crime levels.

While multiple factors contribute towards breaking cycles of crime, two primary drivers are most relevant within PFI’s prison-centered context: 1) prisoners form new positive self-identities that replace negative past self-identities; and 2) prisoners develop healthy social relationships that provide support and belonging as they return to their families and communities.

These ideas interconnect because prisoners are more likely to seek and develop healthy social relationships as part of the
transformational process of creating a new self-identity.



Jonathan Derby, Special Advisor to Prison Fellowship International


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