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A just forgiveness: Responsible healing without excusing injustice.

Worthington, Everett L
June 4, 2015

Source: (2009) Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

When serious injury or wrongdoing takes place, we cry out for justice to be done. At the same time, Christian faith calls for forgiveness and mercy. But forgiveness is often seen as letting people off the hook. Is it truly possible to forgive betrayal, a rape, a genocide? How can Christians forgive without excusing wrongdoing? Psychologist Everett Worthington demonstrates how Christians can and must hold forgiveness and justice together. He gives Christian foundations for understanding just forgiveness and dealing with wrongdoing. With concrete examples and practical resources, Worthington shows how just forgiveness can be accomplished in families, churches and the world at large. (Publisher’s description)


AbstractBiblical Perspectives
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