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Accountability closer to home

January 29, 2012

That box is prominent enough to notice, but I’ve always found it easy to ignore. But giving to Wikipedia, a resource whose convenience I appreciate, made me embarrassed that I had never given to RJ Online—a resource I rely on.

So, after Christmas when my husband and I were talking about donating additional money before the end of the year, I suggested that we contribute to RJ Online. 

“Is that the one that’s the home page on your computer?” he asked. 

“Yes,” I said. “It’s been my home page for years but I’ve never sent a dime to help support the site.” 

“How much do they need?” he asked. 

Well, we didn’t send as much as they need, but I did send a check with a note of thanks for the yeoman’s work the PFI staff does in providing a preeminent site for RJ resources.

I think PFI has been wise as well as generous in making this resource available, but they too must have a bottom line to watch out for. And I’ll bet I’m not the only one who’s been tapping that generosity without reciprocating. 

I use local shops and restaurants because I want them to stay in business. I pledge money to NPR because I know they can’t survive without listener support. I want RJ Online to thrive too, so I hope others will join me in using some dollars to spell out “Thanks.”

Don’t wait until next December. Click on that box or send a check, now.    

Thanks, Susan! RJ Online costs around $15,000 a year to maintain and keep current, more when major software upgrades are needed. Contributions are welcome and needed.


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