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Restorative Policing – A comment from the Netherlands

Linthorst, Robin
June 4, 2015

Source: (2002) In Restorative Justice and its Relation to the Criminal Justice System: Papers from the second conference of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice, Oostende, Belgium, 10-12 October. Pp. 25. Downloaded 23 February 2005.

Statement: Restorative practising is not (only) to remove or to heal the negative; it is about
creating the positive in people.
I emphasise that Restorative Justice aims to awaken positive feelings and attitudes in people;
if we, as practitioners are aware of this, it will not only improve our practices, it will also
motivate and stimulate us.
Targets like reducing repetition of negative or criminal behaviour, and decreasing the
pressure on the judicial system are often seen and spoken about, however in the perspective of
the restorative approach they are relative, not real. Real is what can help people change from a
victim or from an offender into a socially accepted and morally responsible person, free from
(unnecessary?) guilt and traumas.
Speaking about the introduction of Restorative Policing (RP) as opposed to the current
way of policing, some questions arise. (excerpt)


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