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The Impact and Damage I Caused

February 28, 2022

Throughout my childhood, I gradually became more devious and more involved in crime. I started smoking marijuana early in life, and at the age of 15 I was spending a lot of time with the older kids who were stealing. One day, to prove my courage and so that I could continue hanging out with my friends, I committed a crime on my own. A week later, I wanted to try that adrenaline rush one more time. I was getting more and more involved with the criminal world, and the lifestyle had become part of my daily life. My life became uncontrolled, and I ended up being sent to prison.

When I first came to prison, I felt great sense of emptiness and loneliness. The daily life was not easy for me, so when I was invited to join the STP course, I was not interested. But the people who led the course motivated me to try participating. The truth is that each theme of the program was of great help to my life. In one class, I came to understand the impact and damage I caused to each victim I hurt and robbed, and to their family. In another session, I learned the damage I caused to my family and to my own life. I believe I am a better person today because of the STP course.


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