What is restorative justice? Where in the world is it being used? What are people saying about it? Does it really make a difference in real people's lives? What is its future?

This section will help you begin to answer these questions. In it you will find:

  1. An introductory tutorial to restorative justice. Restorative justice theory and programs have emerged over the past 35 years as an increasingly influential world-wide alternative to criminal justice practice. This tutorial will provide you with an overview of the movement and of the issues that it raises.
  2. A description of how restorative justice is used around the worldRestorative Justice is a worldwide phenomenon. Here is where to start looking for information about restorative policies, practices and programs organized by region. For information on what is happening in particular countries, go to the RJ Library.
  3. Reviews of books and videos about restorative justice.
  4. Stories of real people who have experienced restorative justice.
  5. Information about RJ City®, a five year research and design project to answer a single question: What would a city look like that responded as restoratively as possible to every crime, every victim and every offender?