Articles concerning the use of victim panels, meetings with surrogate victims and victim awareness classes to lead prisoners to consider the effects of their behavior on their victims.

Video: Inside the Sycamore Tree Project

from Sycamore Voices: In June 2014, six crime survivors talked exclusively about their experiences inside the breakthrough restorative justice program called The Sycamore Tree Project. We share this short video in the hopes that other victims o... Read More

Hurting People: A Victim Awareness Manual

Source: (1996) Winnipeg: The John Howard Society of Manitoba, Inc.Hurting People was developed for the John Howard Society of Manitoba's Literacy Program. It contains twenty-four lessons dealing with victim awareness issues. Each of the lessons is... Read More

Reformative Programmes: Sycamore Tree Project

Source: (2004) Reformative Explorations: A Psycho-spiritual and Crimino-social Quarterly on Correction and Reformation. 2(2): 153-169.The Sycamore Tree Project, developed by Prison Fellowship International, is a program for prisoners to assist the... Read More

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