This section addresses the interests, issues, benefits and difficulties restorative justice offers victims.

There is a good deal of information on this topic, as you will see. So we start by highlighting resources that address frequently asked questions.

Check out these links. . . .

. . . . for victims' definitions of restorative justice; for a more detailed Introduction to Restorative Justice 

. . . . for the final report of a "listening project" in which restorative justice advocates invited frank opinions from victim supporters and advocates and learned about their concerns 

. . . . for a checklist restorative justice programme providers can use to assess the degree to which their programmes are indeed victim-centered

. . . . for a victim telling her story of a restorative encounter with her father's killer

. . . . for information on victim impact statements

. . . . for descriptions of victim impact panels conducted inside or outside of prisons